Sunday, June 19, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday...

I'm am back from our trip to the coast.
I sure can't wait to see what everyone has been up to..
Hopefully I will be by soon to see you!  

You know I had to play in Ashley's Scavenger hunt.
I did have to pull some shots from my archives.

 So here is what I came up with for this weeks hunt!


This is Myles.  My Grandson..  He hardly ever cries..
 I sure do hope his Mom doesn't see this photo..
I swear I didn't pinch him..  

From a Flowers point of view.
I am pretty sure this is what my flowers see.. 
But I wonder if they see in color.. 
I hope so!!

Natural Frame
This is a shot I posted awhile ago.  So you might have already seen it..
I thought it was perfect for this prompt..  It was shot from a railroad tunnel out at lake mead..

Letters - Day #296
These 4 LETTERS say it all.

Here is another shot you might have already seen.. 
I think it speaks for itself.. 

Thanks so much for stopping by..
I do appreciate all your sweet comments.. 

To see all the others who joined in on the hunt you can
head on over to Ashley's blog.. 


  1. Great photos...your grandson's emotion is priceless. I love the way you composed or cropped it. Welcome back, Linda!

  2. Great images. I especially like your composition in the last one and your grandson close up, sooo cute.

  3. Cool shots Linda, but that shot of Myles is so cute. He never cried when I saw him, so I think you must have pinched him. LOL

  4. Hello!! You have some amazing photos!! I just love the emotion, letters and bliss-- really all of them!! Have a great week!! Sabrina

  5. This is a wonderful set! The emotion and natural frame--incredible!

  6. Those are all lovely Linda especially that stunning scenery and bliss and from a flowers point of view.

  7. lovely set - as always your framing is beautiful

  8. Wonderful. Love the letters one. Oh and the emotions shot is perfect.

  9. The last two are just gorgeous --especially the Letters one.

  10. Love the natural frame and the letter blocks are really cute! Great set of photos!

  11. great baby shot! just love the faces a baby makes.

  12. WOW, Linda! That natural frame is truly amazing.

  13. Your "letters" photo is so soft and beautiful, but my favorite of this set is "nautral frame". Wow!

  14. All lovely shots, especially that grandson one.

  15. Wow - all of these are so great. I'm loving your natural frame shot. That's gorgeous. Great job!

  16. These are so beautiful! So soft and sweet :)

  17. These are amazing photographs Linda!!
    Little Myles is beautiful even when he is not so happy!
    I love absolutely everything about the second photograph here.
    Just fantastic!

  18. WOW- that natural frame couldn't get any better!

  19. Such a wonderful selection, Linda! Gorgeous as always! :-)

  20. Lovely images whit emotion!
    Nice to meet you!
    See you soon Monica

  21. Beautiful pictures on your blog.

    Regards from Creativity and imagination photos of Jose Ramon

  22. Your natural frame shot is wonderful!!!

  23. I love Natural frame and letters, you did a great job

  24. Gorgeous photos. I love every single one. That first one is adorable!

  25. Very cool shots, especially Myles' little face!


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