Sunday, June 12, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday...

I hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend..
I have been out of town, but managed to get my scavenger hunt photos done
early this week.

So here is what I came up with for this week..

Long Exposure

I really wanted to go down to the Las Vegas strip and get some cool
shots but really didn't have time to get down there..  But it is on my
"things to do" list..  So this is nothing to spectacular..  Just a shot of an
intersection not to far from my house.. Whoop deee doo...
It is kinda cool how the red light and green light both show up..

I really couldn't come up with anything for this shot..
So you get to see the cute little shape of my grandsons hand..

Some green tea in one of my favorite mugs..
Which is also a little green!!

A lime is a fruit, RIGHT.

Childhood Memories
On our last camping trip I caught a shot of these guys
trying to decide what to do..  I definitely brought back some
memories of when I was little and my parents would take us camping..
Such great memories..  I guess that is why I still love to camp today!

To see all the other entries you can head on over to
Ashley's blog

So I do hope you enjoy your weekend..
Till next time...


  1. Wonderful images. Love the long exposure.

  2. great long exposure shot - love the childhood memory - all those times when we got together with cousins we took ages to decide what to play

  3. The first 2 shots are SO fantastic, Linda...but I really love them all!

  4. I love you green shot! The colors are great in it.

  5. That is so cool, you know my favorite shot right, the cute shape of the little hand!

  6. Cool shots Linda, and I love the "baby hand" so cute...I'm only used to seeing feet! The long exposure shots are so cool and yours turned out great! That was fun too, thinking about all our family camping memories, thanks for the look back. (I also had some more recent camping memories too that are fun! LOL)

  7. Great captures Linda especially your long exposure - I never even noticed the green and red lights together.

  8. These are so great - I am loving your long exposure shot. I really need to make time for that kinda shot.

  9. Love that long exposure shot!! take on green. Your shots are so creative!

  10. Wonderful images. Love the long the little shapes:)

  11. I love the long exposure. Very cool.

  12. Beautiful series of shots --from the long exposure to the baby's hand (so sweet!) to the processing of the Childhood Memories photo! =)

  13. I'm totally in awe over that long exposure shot. Very nice, Linda!!! absolute favorite are those little fingers for shapes.

  14. I so want to try a shot like your long exposure when I get a chance. Yours came out great! Love your fruit shot too. Really lovely!

  15. You took some terrific photos Linda. I love the tea mug!!
    xo Catherine

  16. and you made limes look very sweet

  17. I love your long exposure shot! So cool! All of these are terrific!

  18. I had the same idea about the strip- but couldn't get there to do it. I love how your's came out- just awesome! I didn't know that you were so close to me-

  19. These are wonderful Linda, and I'll bet you can just guess which is my favorite! There is little as precious as baby hands. Truly angelic.

    You have a beautiful evening, and a great Tuesday!


  20. your shots are always so interesting and you come up with such great interpretations, I love your grandson's hand, that is so lovely, hope you have framed it!


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