Thursday, June 9, 2011

When you're feeling good you need to let it show..

Today is the day it all comes together.
Today is the day,
I make everything better.

Day #274

My moment in the sun
I'll get it all done,

Day #276

The children and I'll
play for a while.
The world is all smiles

Day  #275

The ones I love the most
all smiling at me.

Today is the day I feel heavenly.

                                                                    ~Written by Margie Dunn

I must say I do not write very well..  But I do love to look for
quotes and poems that say something to me!

Thanks so much for stopping by, I do hope you have a heavenly Day!!

Hugs, Linda 


  1. You have such a keen eye and the one of the little guy made me smile...look at that face:) Wonderful work you create here on this blog Linda!

  2. Beautiful words and beautiful, beautiful have made the start of my day indeed sweet and heavenly. Thank you. xx

  3. Your quotes make my day. Such a wonderful range of images and a beautiful smile.

  4. Great shots and super cool quotes, love it!

  5. Beautiful images, but the one of Jess & Myles is just so sweet!

  6. But you sure take gorgeous photographs Linda!!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend my friend!

  7. I hate writing but quotes are always good way to avoid your own writing. I have to write with two languages that you guys understand something also
    and it is hard:) I think most of time pictures are enough no need for words:)
    Beautiful shots and what a cute little man.

  8. What more can you ask for than flowers, family and fabulous smiles!x

  9. gorgeous! as Simone says, you have everything you need

  10. Love these...especially the last one. The colors, the composition, everything about it is fantastic.


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