Saturday, June 18, 2011

On any given day…

Day #287

I take a deep breath and with my eyes wide open and take in all
the good that God has given me..

Day #288

I have to say taking this challenge of 365 days has really opened my eyes
to new possibilities.

Day #289

To try to find something extraordinary in the ordinary. Not always easy!!
Thanks so much for all your  encouragement along the way.
I really am enjoying this journey I am on..  
And seeing the beauty on any given day!!

I do hope to come around and catch up with everyone soon.. 
I am still away on vacation!!  I scheduled these post trying to get caught 
up on posting my 365 days.. 

Hugs, Linda


  1. Fabulous. The second one is my fave.

  2. Beautiful. Love the last one especially!

  3. These are wonderful Linda!
    Such beautiful colors.
    I hope you are having a great vacation!!

  4. I like that last shot the most, great perspective.

  5. I agree...this 365 has opened my eyes as well and has been such an incredible blessing. Lately, though, I've been so busy and I've been wishing I would have signed up for a P52 instead. :)

    I sure do hope you're having a wonderful time. Don't hurry back. Breathe in that glorious ocean air for as long as you can!

  6. Oh wow, just look at those colors, such a joy just to look at these, thanks for sharing!


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