Sunday, June 5, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday...

Hello my friends.
So how is your weekend going.
I have been enjoying mine so far.
I am going to my nephews wedding tonight.  Should be fun!
I am taking my camera along to see what kind of shots I can get.

So on with the Hunt.

Hot Hot Hot - Day #277
How could something so calming and smell so good
 be so HOT and can really hurt you.

Finding Form - Day #279
The minute I read this I knew exactly what shot I wanted
to try to get..  This is an art sculpture at a local shopping area..
I took so many photo of this.  It was a lot tougher  to
 get this shot than I thought it would be..

Front page of the news - Day #280
I have to admit I don't read the paper to often.
But I at least looked at the front page today!!


Cleaning the loo is just one of many chores an my list
of thing to do.  

Beads - Day #281

I just love the way these beads shimmer in the light on this
wind-chime that hangs outside on my patio.

Well I had so much fun on the hunt this week.
Thanks so much Ashley!


  1. LOVE your front page of the news shot! It would look awesome in my kitchen :) I also love your use of texture on the chore photo! Great job!

  2. what beautiful photos! i love your hot photo. why didn't i think of

  3. Such pretty photos here today Linda! I like your front page newspaper, coffee photo. Excellent.

    I'm just waiting for the sun to warm up outside a bit and then I am heading to my garden. Enjoy the wedding. I look forward to your photos my friend!
    xo Catherine

  4. Your Finding Form is just fantastic in every way!

  5. Linda these are just fab. Your finding form looks like something so surreal and you even made cleaning the loo look very arty aswell never mind making the shot of the newspaper so interesting to look at.

  6. front page of the news is beautiful! love your shots!

  7. Finding form is really great (I can imagine how hard that was to take) and I really like the dof and glow in hot. Great series, Linda. Enjoy the wedding. :)

  8. Gorgeous photos -- I especially love front page and beads!

  9. These are so wonderful - I love how you interpreted front page of the news. Great composition.

  10. I love the news one. It's amazing, but so are all the rest.

    Marla @

  11. Great shots LInda, but I think finding form is my favorite. That looks really cool, especially in sepia. Love it!

  12. Lovely photos !!!! I liked most your front page of news and chore ( so beautiful wc ! :)

  13. Love all these images, awesome!!!!

  14. The 3rd and 4th shots are just perfect, but I really love them all. Great set, Linda!

  15. These are wonderful Linda, especially "Finding Form."
    So beautifully done!

  16. These are all just terrific! So beautiful and fits the themes perfectly!

  17. These are amazing shots! I love the first and last pictures!

  18. Oh beautiful and interesting shots as always Linda. I do love the art sculpture has a sort of eerie, ski-fi feel about it. xx

  19. Great interpretations. I really like them all.. you know you are good when you make a toilet bowl looks good.

  20. Wow, these are beautiful shots! I like the newspaper shot and the finding form shot the most.

  21. Great Scavenging Linda! Your finding form photo is so amazing, I just love how it rises above the buildings, so very effective, also love the hot shot!!!

  22. Great series! Love everything, especially your take on Hot and Front Page...

  23. Wow, wow, wow! These are all great. I do not think I can pick a favorite. Awesome job!


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