Friday, June 24, 2011

Happy Friday!!

Day #291

Yea!  It's Friday!!
So do you have any plans for the weekend.. 

I am going to be quite busy.
Later this afternoon I am having a Birthday party for my sister-in-law..
Right here at my house..  It should be quite fun.. Lots of food, some swimming.
Lots of chatting with friends and family. 
I am looking forward to it.. 

Then early tomorrow it is off to Arizona to visit my Mom & Dad..

So even though its a busy weekend I am sure to enjoy it!!

So tell me....  What are your plans..


  1. oh, that photo is spectacular!!!

    enjoy your weekend time with family! me, just hanging out at the house with my dogs and other critters. :)

  2. Love this picture of the sweet little bud... Enjoy your weekend!

  3. I am going to wonderful Copenhagen.
    Enjoy your family and friends :)

  4. Gorgeous. No idea on weekend plans.

  5. sounds like a fantastic weekend with a lovely shot to match, enjoy!

  6. nice shot!
    for me is a working weekend :)

  7. WOW- really beautiful shot!

    No plans- except good family time. Hubs will be working 4th of July like every other fireman in the nation- so this is our weekend to spend together. :) I love the weekends with nothing on the agenda.

  8. Beautiful! I'm not sure I have much planned for this weekend.

  9. What a gorgeous photograph Linda!
    I was hoping to get to 2 covered bridges this weekend, but it looks like the weather is in no way going to cooperate, so...
    You have a great weekend my friend!

  10. Lovely image, I am glad you are going to have fun this evening, party party party!!!! : )

  11. Cool image, I like the little hairy bits.
    No plan this weekend, too wet and cold.

  12. Spectacular pic!No plan this week one!!Monica

  13. Pretty picture Linda!
    You know what I'm doing this weekend! I don't want to come home. :-)
    Anyway, hope you are having a nice time with your family.

  14. Beautiful, Linda. Hope you have fun this weekend--mine is one day of being lazy and catching up on blogging since the Internet has been down for 2 weeks and the second day is homecoming and visiting with family and friends.

  15. Have a safe trip! We'll be shopping for fence supplies. I finally relented so hubby is getting a horse. :)

  16. This is an extra pretty photo!!
    xo Catherine


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